For brothers of Alpha Delta, service is a way of life. As one of the three cardinal principles of the fraternity, community service and volunteer work is the heart and soul of the organization.  Unlike many traditional Greek Lettered Organizations, the fraternity promotes within its membership that community service not just an obligation but also a responsibility of college men as participating citizens.  It is not uncommon to have brothers of the fraternity complete over 50 hours of community service and volunteer work each semester.  Chapters and their members organize, participate, and lead in a variety of local community service projects both on campus and within their local communities each year.  Some of these events may be local volunteer opportunities to the surrounding regions while in others the chapter may sponsor other projects directly.

Notable service projects include Bananas the Bear, the University of Maine School Mascot, the Late Night Local, the Bathtub Pull for Charity, a Duquesne University service project for almost 50 years, and “Safewalk” at the University of Minnesota at Duluth, a nightly campus chaperon service.